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There are many ways to incorporate Lion's mane into your daily diet. It is a powder supplement that enhances cognitive function and boosts energy, ideal for early morning consumption. Lion's mane does not require any preparation before use. Simply add it to desired drink or meal and enjoy!


Tea is a great morning drink that energizes and invigorates. Coffee and other energy drinks often lead to a mid-day crash which can cause headaches and sluggishness. Tea promotes consistent energy levels and does not cause caffeine crashes. 

Lion's Mane English Breakfast Tea

 This Lion's Mane tea is delicious, and it is also extremely beneficial to your health. Lion's Mane has been scientifically proven to enhance brain function, protect against cancer, support the heart and circulatory system, improve digestion and reduce inflammation. What a great way to start your morning!



Lion's Mane Chai Tea

 This Chai Latte is spice-filled and cheerful, and wonderfully warming on a cold, rainy day, that once you make it, you won't want to drink any other kind of chai! Lion's Mane benefits the brain and it is also an antibiotic!





Oatmeal is a super nutritious option for the most important meal of the day. Some breakfasts contain high amounts of sugar that will spike your blood sugar, giving you a temporary energy boost but inevitably leading to a sugar crash. Oats are a good source of protein and will keep your body fueled throughout the day. Oatmeal lowers blood sugar and maintains healthy cholesterol levels.

Quick Microwave Lion's Mane Oatmeal

Hearty oatmeal with big flavor is the perfect way to start your weekday. This recipe can be whipped up in under 5 minutes and tastes delicious plain or with a spoonful of peanut butter, preserves or any fresh or dried fruit. Enjoy!





Smoothies are a great way to incorporate many different nutrients into your diet. They are great for adding to your daily routine or the occasional cleanse to increase your intake of nutrients and antioxidants. 


Lion's Mane Banana Smoothie

 This smoothie is a super simple and healthy treat made with lion's mane, coconut milk, maple syrup, and bananas.




Lion's Mane-Flax Smoothie - Vegan

This vegan smoothie is packed full of fiber, lignans, and omega-3 fatty acids, and lion's mane has been scientifically proven to enhance brain function, support the heart and reduce inflammation. Not to mention the delicious fruity freshness of this smoothie! 



Super Smoothie Supplement - Simple Supplements

 This powder packs plenty of fiber, protein and minerals, and is the perfect start to your morning. It's incredibly simple, and I can guarantee you won't regret the few minutes spent on preparation!



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