Be Still Farms Frequently Asked Questions

Hi There!  

Our customers care about their food and this means lots of questions!  Luckily, we love questions and love helping our customers even more.   We believe that only the highest quality food should be put into our bodies and think it is important for consumers to stay informed. We've summarized some of the more commonly raised concerns here. 

Please feel free to reach out if you don't find your answers! 


What does USDA certified organic mean?

When a product is labeled "USDA certified organic" it means the product was grown and processed according to federal guidelines. There are many factors like soil quality, pest and weed control, and use of additives in the guidelines. 


Are your USDA certified organic products also NON-GMO?

Yes, The rules for being able to certify as organic in the USA are quite stringent and if a product is certified organic it can not be produced with GMOs. According to the USDA "The use of genetic engineering, or genetically modified organisms (GMOs), is prohibited in organic products." You can read moreHERE in our blog article.


Where are your products grown?

Our products are all sourced and grown in the USA where possible. The exceptions are Sunflower seeds, Chia seeds, Couscous, Turmeric, Lion's Mane and Pumpkin Seeds. None of these are currently grown in the USA on a commercial scale except sunflower and pumpkin seeds. However, the organic pumpkin seed growing industry is relatively new in the US and demand is very high.  This means US grown pumpkin seed growers get a premium price for their product, about three times the price which puts them out of the price range of most customers. Sunflower seeds are affected by demand also, with much of the crops getting purchased by big food manufacturers. We are continuing to monitor the market and speaking with farmers to try to source them at a good price.


Are you a nut free facility?

We do not process any nuts in our facility however we are not certified nut free. If anyone has a serious or life-threatening allergy, we encourage you to buy a certified nut-free product.


Are you a dairy free facility?

We do not process any dairy in our facility however we are not certified dairy free. If anyone has a serious or life-threatening allergy, we encourage you to buy a certified dairy free product.


Are you a soy free facility?

We process USDA certified organic soybeans in our facility. We clean our facility and equipment regularly but we would encourage anyone with a serious or life-threatening allergy to buy a certified soy free product.


Are your products gluten free?

While many of our products are naturally gluten free, they are not 'certified gluten free'. This means that they do not contain any gluten but it's possible they may have been exposed to traces of gluten by being processed in a facility that handles wheat products. This is good enough for most people eating a gluten-free diet and does not require a certification on the packaging. If you have a severe allergy or health condition (such as Celiac's), you should purchase a certified gluten free brand which will have that certification present on the bag. The certification increases the price of the product so if you do not have an allergy we recommend buying 'naturally gluten free' products. 


What does 'naturally gluten free' mean?

Naturally gluten free products are inherently free of gluten meaning they do not contain wheat, rye, or barley but it is possible they may have been exposed to gluten grains during processing.


Why do my grains have variations?

There are natural variations that occur between crops depending on when and where they have been harvested. You may experience these variations in your organic products.


Can you provide me with cooking instructions for my product?

Yes, We have many recipe ideas. ClickHERE to read more. If you sign up for our blogHERE we will send you new recipes from time to time.


Should I soak and sprout my BSF grain, seed, nuts, and beans?

Yes, you should! ClickHERE to find out more about the value of soaking and sprouting.


Is your packaging recyclable?

We encourage customers to check their local recycling guidelines before discarding. We are in the process of changing to number 4 polyethylene recyclable bags. Although most cities recycle this type, we recommend you check your city guidelines for recycling number 4 LDPE plastic.


Do your products have Glyphosate?

No, USDA Organic certified growers are specifically prohibited from using or containing glyphosate- it is against the law.


Do your products have expiration dates?

The expiration dates on our dried goods are marked at 2 years according to regulations but some can last up to 3 years if stored properly.


How do I store your product?

Our bags are resealable and made with LLDPE and VMPET to help maintain freshness so you can store in our original bags. Many customers store their products in reusable air tight containers. As long as it is in a cool and dry environment it should last for a long time, years usually. You can store some products in the refrigerator, because it is very cool and very dry, it may last even longer. Our new product bags are made of LDPE plastic and are safe for storage. For more information on how to store your products check out our blog articleHERE.


Is your coffee shade grown?

Our organic Colombian coffee comes from specific cooperatives made up of small holder farmers that are not part of a strictly shade-grown program, although most of the farmers plant their coffee trees under shade cover to some extent. 

How many wheat berries do I need to grind to get a cup of flour?

The general rule of thumb is 1 cup of  wheat berries will make twice that in flour so 1/2 cup of berries would grind into a cup of flour.  If your recipe portions are in weight then there is no conversion, 500g of berries will make 500g of flour.  Another tip if you are shopping for wheat berries, 1 pound will equal 4 1/2 cups of flour. Lastly, as you may already know, flour will go rancid at room temperature quickly whereas the berries will keep indefinitely so plan to use the freshly ground flour as soon as possible.


Why does my product bag look different from the pictures?

Over the past months we have been transitioning over to a new product bag, so you may receive your product in our new durable 5lb bags. These bags are recyclable and do not require any shrink-wrap or poly bags which will reduce waste.