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Organic Hulled Millet, Non-GMO, Bulk Hulled Millet

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If you are looking for a lot of nutritional value, in a small and convenient food that can be added to just about anything, than you should try Hulled Millet. Millet is very high in nutrition, with fiber, protein, magnesium, iron, and more! Yet with all this, millet is incredibly small, allowing it to be added with ease to any food. You can cook it for a hot cereal, or you can add it to salad. It can also be used as a side dish to add many nutrients to a meal. So why wait to try this amazing grain for yourself, and have great nutritional value in the foods you eat on a regular basis?

  • Be Still Farms organic Hulled Millet is certified by the USDA
  • Nutrients such as protein, fiber, and magnesium add to the benefit of this whole grain.
  • These small orbs of grain are easy to incorporate into any type of food, and provide a large nutritional value.
  • Cook and use as a hot cereal or salad, or as a side dish!
  • Your purchases support Be Still Farms- an independent, family owned organic homestead/business in North Carolina