About Us

We know how important healthy, fresh and local eating is to us, and for so many others. We have also seen how difficult it is for people with demanding jobs and busy schedules to find ways to make the most of what could be. From this was born Be Still Farms- Real, Fine Organics (USDA/NOP Certified Organic).

In 2018 you can expect additional products including including salad dressings, coffee, olive oil and many other Be Still Farms - Real Fine Organics originals.

Be Still Farms the business is named after our family’s urban homestead located in The Carolinas. While we have always tried to eat and live healthy, we began another phase of our family journey in 2011 by moving to a slightly more rural area with the goal of eating more and more locally- especially from our own land as possible.

With this move we have been able to greatly expand our own organic garden and are well along in the process of building a completely edible landscape including various nuts, all kinds of fruits and a variety of herbs. We have also raised some chicks, adding organic eggs to our diet and are just loving the fun of eating the freshest, healthiest eggs we have ever had!

Aside from all this fun work and play, we have also been grinding our own wheat for making bread from scratch, as well as making our own yoghurt, yoghurt cheese, cream, buttermilk, whey, butter, and other dairy products from locally sourced dairy.

This whole adventure has been a great blessing to us, and we look forward to blessing you as well.

Happy and healthy eating from Michelle and all the McNamaras!

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P.S. – Below are some fun pictures of us and our little homestead. To read more about our journey, read our inaugural Blog article