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Organic Flaxseed (Brown Flaxseed), Non-GMO, Bulk Flaxseed

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Be Still Farms Organic Flaxseed has all the benefits of pure flaxseed, without anything taken away by the processing that is so common in other companies. Flaxseeds are naturally high in nutrition, with plenty of dietary fiber, protein, magnesium, and much more! The protein in flaxseeds is a strong plant-based protein which matches animal-based protein in areas such as satiety and appetite, making them a great addition if you are considering cutting back on meat. They also are high in dietary fiber, which has benefits such as stabilizing blood sugar, pressure, and cholesterol levels. They are also rich in lignans which promote overall health. Plus they are super easy to add to your everyday meals. We sell the whole flaxseed, but you can grind them up to make a powder that is somewhat easier to digest. Or you can add them to yogurt, cereal, oatmeal, smoothies, and much more than that! So don’t wait, try Be Still Farms organic Flaxseed for yourself to see the benefits it has on you!

  • Be Still Farms Flaxseed is Certified Organic by the USDA
  • Flaxseeds are a great source of a wide range on nutrients, including fiber, protein, and magnesium.
  • High in lignans.
  • Flaxseeds can stabilize cholesterol, lowering “bad” cholesterol and raising “good” cholesterol.
  • Your purchases support Be Still Farms- an independent, family owned organic homestead/business in North Carolina