Be Still Farms

Organic Hulled Barley, Non-GMO, Bulk Hulled Barley

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✅ Hot Breakfast Cereal
✅ Porridge
✅ Salad Topping
✅ Side Dish
✅ Soups or Stews
✅ Baked Breads
✅ Rice Dish Alternative
✅ Stir Fries
✅ Pilafs
✅ Stuffings
✅ Nutrition Bars
✅ Cookies
✅ Homebrewing
✅ Vinegar Production
✅ Natural, Unrefined Sugar Alternative Sweetener
✅ Superfood Barley Grass Juice


✅ USDA Certified Organic
✅ Non-GMO
✅ Gluten Free
✅ Vegan
✅ Vegetarian
✅ 100% Whole Grain
✅ Antioxidant Rich
✅ Glyphosate Free
✅ Sugar Free
✅ Sodium Free
✅ Fat Free
✅ Free of Artificial Flavors, Colors and Preservatives
✅ High In Protein
✅ Excellent Source of Dietary Fiber
✅ Product of USA
✅ Independent, Family Farms
✅ Eco-Friendly Packaging

Hot Breakfast Cereal/Porridge:
Boil the water, and add a pinch of salt if desired. Add barley, and bring back up to a boil. Reduce to low heat, cover and cook for about 50 minutes. Take off heat and let it sit for 10 minutes. Serve warm, and enjoy!
All Other Uses:Use according to directions of desired recipe.

100% Pure, Certified Organic Hulled Barley

  • ✅ INCLUDES: 1 bag of Be Still Farms Organic Hulled Barley
  • ✅ SIMPLY DELICIOUS: Kickoff your morning routine by cooking Be Still Farms organic hulled barley for a delicious hot breakfast cereal. Malted barley is perfectly suited for home brewing beer and whiskey, and can be used to produce your own vinegar or natural unrefined sweetener. Alternatively, it can be turned into Superfood Barley Grass Juice commonly used by Vegans and Vegetarians as an excellent source of iron, zinc, antioxidants, and detoxification.
  • ✅ NATURALLY ORGANIC: Our pure hulled barley is Certified USDA Organic, Non-GMO, Vegan, Vegetarian, All Natural, and 100% Whole Grain. It contains no artificial flavors, colors or preservatives, 0g of Sugar and 0mg of Sodium. None of our products have glyphosate.
  • ✅ HEALTHY: Enjoy heart-healthy, plant-based energy high in antioxidants and packed with 8g of Dietary Fiber and 6g of Protein per serving . Naturally low in cholesterol and containing 0g of trans and saturated fats, our hulled barley helps you stay full for hours, minimize cravings, and supports a healthy digestive system.
  • ✅ PRODUCT OF USA: We are proud to serve only the highest quality ingredients from our independent, family-owned business in North Carolina. Our paper packaging is resealable and recyclable. Simply re-seal the bag for easy shelf stable storage. No refrigeration is necessary.