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Organic Kasha (Toasted Buckwheat Groats), Non-GMO, Bulk Kasha

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Be Still Farms Toasted Kasha is the same great quality you get when you use Be Still Farms Organic Raw Buckwheat, except it is the toasted kind. Depending on what recipe you use, there are many uses for both types. The distinctive features of Kasha are it’s coloration, being a full brown or tan, without the hint of green found on the raw kind. Kasha also has a very distinct smoky taste that some people highly enjoy. It is high in nutrients such as protein and fiber, making it a healthy addition to many meals. Be warned though, it cannot be used in place of raw buckwheat, because of the difference in texture. Nonetheless, it is a great option to use in many meals, so don’t hesitate to get Be Still Farms Toasted Kasha and try it for yourself!

  • Be Still Farms Toasted Kasha is USDA Organic!
  • This is NOT raw Buckwheat, it is Toasted Buckwheat Kasha!
  • Contains nutrients such as protein and fiber, and many more!
  • Has a smoky taste that some find very enjoyable!
  • Your purchases support Be Still Farms- an independent, family owned organic homestead/business in North Carolina