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Organic Pearled Barley, Bulk Pearled Barley

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If you’ve been looking to improve your diet with some healthy original oats, seeds, and grains, then Be Still Farms has the perfect solution for you! We’re pleased to offer our 5lb bag of USDA organic Pearled barley. Too often our diets consist of instant processed foods that lack the necessary nutritional value we need to stay healthy. By adding this gourmet product to your daily diet, you give your body the natural fuel it needs to accomplish all the activities that your day requires. Use this Pearled barley as a hot cereal, part of a salad, a side dish, or even an ingredient in a soup or stew. It’s high in healthy vitamins and minerals, so you can know you’re putting the best in your body! This product is perfect for a vegan or vegetarian diet, or if you’re looking for something that is certified, USDA organic. Many other products that are on the market will boast that they are natural, organic, or able to provide certain health benefits. But after eating them, you’re left feeling the same as before, just with less money in your pocket. In contrast, when you choose to purchase from Be Still Farms, you’re getting exactly what is promised! The purpose behind creating Be Still Farms was to be able to be a provider of healthy foods that can taste far better than the processed food many of us eat. Our aim is to honor God, serve others, and eat well in the process. We have no doubt that you will enjoy this fresh organic goodness shipped to your home!