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Organic Spelt Flour, Non-GMO, Bulk Spelt Flour

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Experience the wholesome goodness of our Organic Spelt Flour. Sourced from 100% certified organic spelt grain, this flour offers a delightful combination of nutty flavor and subtle sweetness. Spelt flour is similar to kamut flour, einkorn flour. As an ancient grain, spelt has a rich history and provides a nutritious alternative to conventional flours. Our spelt flour is packed with essential nutrients, making it a nutrient-dense choice for your baking needs. It's a great source of fiber, protein, and vital vitamins and minerals, promoting healthy diet. Discover the versatility of wheat flour in your kitchen. From bread to cookies, cakes to pastries, this flour adds a distinct flavor to your creations. Let your creativity shine and indulge in the exceptional taste and nutritional benefits that spelt flour brings. Unleash the flavor, nutrition, and ancient grain goodness with every recipe you create. Experience the wholesome benefits and exceptional taste that spelt flour has to offer.

  • 100% ORGANIC SPELT FLOUR: You'll receive 4.8 lb of Be Still Farms Organic Spelt Flour, made from 100% certified organic spelt grain, carefully sourced and processed to ensure the highest quality and purity
  • SIMPLY DELICIOUS: Our organic spelt flour is perfect for a wide range of baking recipes. It can be used to make bread, cookies, cakes, pastries, and more; Enjoy the wholesome goodness of spelt in your favorite baked creations
  • ORGANIC & NON-GMO: Our pure, spelt flour are Certified USDA Organic, Non-GMO, Vegan, Vegetarian and All Natural; Flour offers a unique nutty flavor and a delightful, slightly sweet taste that adds depth to your baked goods
  • HEALTHY FLOUR: Spelt flour is a nutritious choice, rich in fiber, protein, vitamins, and minerals; It contains essential nutrients like iron, magnesium, and zinc, contributing to a well-rounded and healthy diet
  • PRODUCT OF USA: We are proud to serve only the highest quality ingredients directly from our independent, family-owned business in North Carolina; Our Spelt Flour are grown and harvested using sustainable and organic practices