Why Soak Grains Before Cooking?


How to prepare organic grains... soaking? ~ Be Still Farms- Real Fine OrganicsGrains are one of the most commonly consumed foods worldwide. However, along with the continued and growing popularity of well-known and re-emerging varieties of grains, there has also been a corresponding rise in reports about difficulties in digesting them. Despite the hype about grain sensitivity, for many people the problem may not lie with the grain itself, but rather in the...

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Why Hulled Barley? History, health, cooking and recipes

Barley is one of the oldest known domesticated grains, going back as much as 10,000

Certified Organic Hulled Barleyyears. Throughout the course of history, barley has has been used as both a food source as well as the basis of the first alcoholic beverages. Barley water is also considered a traditional tea-like drink, served both hot and cold, and has been consumed across both Europe and Asia. It is consumed for both it's refreshing qualities as well as for medicinal purposes.

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