Why Einkorn Wheat? History, health, cooking tips and recipes

An ancient grain, Einkorn wheat is regarded as the first form of cultivated wheat, harvested more than 10,000 years ago with its origins in Buy Certified Organic Einkorn Wheatthe fertile lands of the Tigris Euphrates region. Einkorn means “one grain” in German which is fitting because the wheat has only a single grain attached to the stem, in contrast to modern wheat which...

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Fresh Bread Ed - Caring for your bread

Fresh Bread Ed: Caring for your freshly backed bread. ~ Be Still Farms,- Real, Fine OrganicsWarm, home baked bread, made from fresh ground wheat and the most natural ingredients. The smell, the texture, the taste- there is nothing like it! This is bread that nourishes both the body and our souls, knowing that we are actually improving our families’ health. 

But before you bake your first loaf of bread made from wheat that you fresh grind, there are few things you need...


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