Why Sourdough? Part 2- Nutrition

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Many people enjoy Sourdough for it's delicious and unique taste, but did you know that it also has nutritional differences that set it apart from regular bread?

First, sourdough bread has a relatively low glycemic index compared with other types of bread and the acidity that occurs from fermentation can inhibit the effect of phytates in the wheat. Phytates affect the absorption of some dietary minerals and are usually removed from grains through soaking.  You can read more about this process in our blog 'Why Soak & Sprout?'

And,sourdough bread made from whole grains is so unique that it has even been recommended by some as a key daily food in the Italian Mediterranean diet!

Lastly, the fermentation and lactic acid bacteria which create the 'sour' dough may be useful to improve the quality of gluten-free and low gluten breads, by enhancing texture, aroma, and shelf life.

So you can see, sourdough is not just another taste sensation, but has some nutritional surprises too!



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