Why Oat Bran? History, health, cooking tips and recipes

Certified Organic Oat Bran RecipeThe ancestry of the modern oat can be traced back to the wild red oat, a plant originating in Asia. It is believed that this plant has been cultivated for about two thousand years in different areas of the world. Some research even suggeststhat oats were primarily used for medicinal purposes before they came to be recognized as a staple food...

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Why Quinoa? History, health, cooking tips and recipes

Quinoa is one of the few ancient grains that have remained largely unchanged over the millennia. It is Quinoa - Certified Organicbelieved that this nutrient-packed grain was initially cultivated over 5000 years ago and is traced originally to the Incan civilization of South America. Quinoa was a staple for the Incan people and offered so many nutritional...

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Be Still Farms, Real Fine Foods - Latest Organic Products

Buy Certified Organic Black Beans

We are looking forward to serving you with our latest USDA Certified Organic products. Check out the latest!

Certified Organic...

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In The Beginning (Be Still Farms inaugural blog post)

At Be Still Farms we know how important healthy, fresh and local eating is to us and for so many others. But for the McNamaras that hasn’t always been the case. Yes, both our families taught us the broad concepts of “eating healthy”, but for a long time we struggled with what that should look like in our everyday lives. As we began our family and I really started to look at what we were eating and what I was feeding our children, I realized ...

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