October 19, 2021 2 min read

Lions mane is a incredibly beneficial supplement. It is most commonly used for heightened brain function and energy. 

When tested on mice with a brain degenerative disease, it improved the mice’s brain function as opposed to the control group they tested. Lion's mane contains properties that stimulate cell growth and is speculated to be instrumental in helping people with Alzheimer’s and dementia. Not only does it promote new cell growth, Lion’s mane also protects and restores existing brain cells.

Lion’s mane is not only beneficial for brain function but mood-stabilizing also. It is said to help with symptoms of depression, anxiety, and other mood disorders. Lion’s mane also can prevent depression by helping with stress relief, obesity prevention, and energy. Consistent use of Lion’s mane is also good for maintaining a healthy sleep schedule and preventing sleep deprivation. One study involved two groups, a control group, and a test group. The test group took 1500mg of Lion’s mane per day, while the control group took placebos with no Lion’s mane. The test group ended up having lower anxiety, depression, and sleep deprivation than when they started and were much more improved than the control group.

While Lion’s mane is mostly used for its incredible brain-enhancing effects, it also has a plethora of physical health benefits. This mushroom has been said to be instrumental in preventing cardiovascular diseases and maintaining a healthy heart. It also strengthens your immune system to prevent illnesses.

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Kinsey Taylor
Kinsey Taylor

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