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Originating from central Asia, lentils are one of the first foods to have been cultivated. Lentils are typically classified based on their size with many varieties being cultivated. While most types are either brown or green, many others are also available such as black, yellow, red, or orange varieties. Not only do lentils vary in size and color but they may also range in shapes being either oval, round or heart-shaped disks. Likewise, they may also be sold whole or split into halves. Lentil seeds known to have been dated 8000 years old have been discovered at archeological sites in the Middle East. Traditionally, lentils were eaten with other early foods like barley and wheat but now enjoy widespread use in many contemporary cuisines.

Lentils are part of the legume family and grow in pods that contain tiny seeds. When compared to other kinds of dried beans, lentils are easy and quick to prepare and have the property of assimilating flavors from all sorts of seasonings and other foods. Lentils are high in nutritional value and are readily available all year round.

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