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Red lentils are a very nutritionally powerful member of the legume family. They are a dense source of cholesterol-lowering fiber that can also help with issues regarding blood sugar levels and prevent glucose levels from spiking after a meal. In addition, red lentils also offer a host of important minerals, vitamins B, and protein supplies.

Along with providing energy from slow-burning complex carbohydrates, red lentils also boost energy levels by refilling the body’s iron stores. They also contain good supplies of folate an important vitamin B, which is known to offer protection against coronary artery disease.

Both the protein and fiber content in red lentils have satiating properties that will keep you feeling fuller for longer.

Green lentils have the property to retain their shape after cooking and yield a hearty and dense nutty flavor. Green lentils come with their hulls intact and thus provide more fiber than varieties like red lentils where the hull has been removed.

Like other beans, green lentils are also rich in dietary fiber, which is both soluble and insoluble in nature. They contain virtually no fat and so make for a hearty meal that is pure nutrition. Like other lentil varieties, green lentils also yield high supplies of protein, fair shares of iron, and a host of other essential disease-fighting nutrients like folate, potassium, and magnesium. Being a low fat, high protein food, lentils make for an excellent substitute for meat. They are considered integral to vegetarian and absolutely crucial to vegan diets.


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Kinsey Taylor

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