April 12, 2022 2 min read

Want to switch up your morning coffee? In this blog, we will talk about the different ways you can use our Colombian Coffee beans to create the perfect cup of coffee. Learning to brew a perfect cup of coffee takes some practice and experimenting to find what you like and don't like. Our medium roast organic coffee beans carry a bold and full flavor, with nutty undertones and a dark chocolate finish.

The strength of your coffee also depends on your preferred method of brewing. There are many different types of brewing, including drip brewing, french press, espresso, pour-over, and cold brew.
Using a french press is one of the best options for the perfect strength cup of coffee. It allows you to choose how long to let your grounds sit in the water, depending on how strong you want your coffee. For a strong taste, leave your coffee to brew for slightly longer.

Pour-over coffee is a good option for a light, clean taste. If you prefer a mild or light flavor, this may be your preferred brewing option. It is a very easy method of brewing, all you need to do is grind your beans and pour your water. The grind of beans is very important. For a stronger cup, grind your beans very fine. If you prefer a lighter taste, grind the beans more coarse. If you like your coffee strong and dark, add more grounds to your filter.


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Kinsey Taylor
Kinsey Taylor

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