August 03, 2021 1 min read

When it comes to storing grains versus flours, there are certain key differences between the two. Whole grains will last and keep fresh longer when stored properly, with the average shelf life being around 6 months. Grains and flours are typically stored on a shelf in a cool, dry, place, but lasts longer when frozen or refrigerated. Flours and grain meals are more oxygenated than whole grains, which causes them to have a shorter shelf life even if stored properly.

Whole grains have a protected shell-like layer that can protect them from oxygen, heat, and moisture for much longer than ground grains. If flours and meals are exposed to these for too long they will spoil, so it is important to store them properly. If you have a bulk amount of grains (whole or refined) we recommend storing a smaller amount in a separate container in your cabinet for quick use, and to freeze the rest until you are ready to use. This will reduce (if not eliminate) waste and maximize use. Wheat berries are a great type of grain to have because they last longer and can be ground fresh right before use, and can be stored for much longer than when ground.

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Kinsey Taylor
Kinsey Taylor

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