November 15, 2022 2 min read

If you are struggling with low iron, or are just trying to get more natural iron in your diet, these foods are the perfect addition to your pantry. 

Organic Soybeans, Non-GMO, Bulk Soybeans
$ 26.99
from $ 17.99

THE "PERFECT BEAN"✅ The Top Meat Alternative (17g Protein per serving)✅ The Best Dairy Alternative (Soy Milk & Soy Yogurt)✅ Vegan and Vegetarian Friendly✅ Soy Nut Snack✅ Edamame✅ Edamame Pasta and Noodles✅ Soy Sauce✅ Tofu✅ Tempe




Organic Green Lentils, Non-GMO, Bulk Green Lentils
$ 30.99 $ 27.99

Ever wish you had that boost of energy that would last all day? Or a high nutritional value in a small, convenient space? Look no further! Green Lentils are both, and more! They are high in fiber, which works wonders...



Organic Raw Pumpkin Seeds, Non-GMO, Bulk Raw Pumpkin Seeds
$ 41.99
from $ 24.99

Nutritious, delicious, organic raw Pumpkin Seeds. Roast and sprinkle on salads, eat with yogurt or add to your favorite baked goods for protein, phosphorous, iron and fiber. These raw Pumpkin Seeds are Certified Organic by the USDA These shell-free seeds...



Organic Hemp Seeds (Hemp Hearts), Non-GMO, Bulk Hemp Seeds
from $ 34.99

Organic Hemp Heart Seeds - These raw shelled hemp seeds have an excellent balance of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids and are high in GLA which can aid in controlling inflammation, blood pressure and regulating hormones. Add these seeds to...




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Kinsey Taylor

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