June 01, 2021 1 min read

When cooked, spelt yields a mild nutty flavor and high digestibility. Its inclusion in recipes works well to blend complex flavors. Milled whole grain flour is an excellent option for making bagels, pizza dough, pancakes, and other yeast-based goods. Sprouted whole grains of spelt may be sprinkled onto sandwiches and salads and or juiced into smoothies. The same may also be prepared into porridge or used as a breakfast cereal. 

To make flour from spelt, use a grinder or blender. when using a blender, only blend about a cup of spelt at a time to eliminate all clumps. Grind flour fresh for baking, and only grind as much as you need. The fresh ground flour will not last as long in a container as wheat berries, so don't blend it all at once! Spelt is also commonly boiled and prepared similarly to rice. When cooking spelt, it is recommended to soak and rinse before boiling, as certain grains have proteins that are harsh on the digestive system.

For more information about soaking grains, check out our blog Why Soak Grains Before Cooking. For instructions on how to cook spelt, see our recipe: Spelt - Simple Prep.

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