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Oats are a very sustainable nutrient source, and can be eaten throughout the day to obtain some of the health benefits. In this blog, we will cover some of the nutrition information for specific kinds of oats and oats in general. Our organic oats are also delicious and very versatile when it comes to preparation. Check out some of our organic recipes for some different ways to prepare our oats!

Health benefits of rolled oats

Surprisingly, oats do not lose any of their nutritional value from the steaming and rolling processes that they go through to increase their shelf life. They maintain their high fiber content, which is higher than all other grains. This gluten-free grain is also a rich source of manganese, vitamin B, vitamin E, iron, and protein. In addition to being a favorite household meal, this hearty cereal also possesses medicinal benefits. Rolled Oats are believed to regulate blood cholesterol levels, maintain blood sugar levels, and reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes and heart illnesses.


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Whole rolled oats are also considered healthy for their low glycemic index. Typically foods that come with a low glycemic index are digested slower, keeping individuals feeling full longer. Oats as a whole have a higher fat content than most other grains, which increases their chances of going rancid quicker. To avoid rancid oats, it is recommended to store oats in an airtight container in a cool, dark place where they can keep well for a longer time. This should not be too big of a concern, though, as there is an abundance of ways to use whole rolled oats. You can always find a way to get them from your pantry to your table! Feel free to browse our recipe collection to look for ideas on how to use these nutrient-rich, filling, and tasty grains in your life!

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Yummy Rolled Oats Recipes

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