September 15, 2020 2 min read

Black turtle beans are a delicious, beneficial, all-around healthy bean. They are incredibly filling and packed with essential nutrients that are necessary for a well-balanced diet.


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Black turtle beans can regulate digestion, maintain a healthy heart, and are even said to help prevent certain cancers. These delicious beans provide nutrients like calcium, iron, manganese, vitamin A and Folate. Black beans are also an incredible source of quality protein. Protein is a macronutrient made of amino acids that gives strength, provides energy, and supports a healthy metabolism. Most foods that are high in protein are animal products such as meat and eggs, which can be a problem for people who are vegetarian or vegan, as a protein deficiency can lead to complications such as protein energy malnutrition (PEM). Black Beans are packed with protein and can be used as a substitute for meat in most dishes, although it isn’t recommended to use black beans to entirely replace meat. Calcium is an essential nutrient that is important for bone health and is great at stabilizing blood pressure. They also contain a considerable amount of fiber, with about 8-11 grams per serving.


Dry beans will last for up to 12 months when stored in an airtight container in a cool, dry place. If they have been cooked, will last in the fridge in a container for 3 days. Non-GMO products that will provide the best nutrition. it is very important to make sure there are no added preservatives, colors, flavors, sugars, and glyphosate. When using dry beans, it is very common to soak them overnight, as this can help reduce bloating. It will rinse away certain sugars that cause indigestion which is why beans are known to cause gas and discomfort.

Black beans can be found dry or canned, either kind is a very nourishing food to any diet, buying dry beans makes it easier to make sure there are no unwanted additives and they retain these essential nutrients and benefits.

Be Still Farms - Real, Fine Organics

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