Easy Organic Stovetop Popcorn Snack - Simple and Delicious   Yum

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Easy Stovetop Popcorn - Simple and Delicious
This popcorn is so simple, yet tastes so delicious that this recipe will quickly become a family favorite that you come back to again and again. This recipe is also the base for our Chocolate Caramel Popcorn Crunch
BSF Kitchen Test: 04/02/16
Ingredients (Serves 4 to 5):

    Cooking Instructions:

    Place large pot on stove with coconut oil and heat to medium high:Step 1 - Easy Stovetop Popcorn

    Drop several popcorn kernels into the pan while it heats:
    Step 2 - Easy Stovetop Popcorn

    When all of the kernels pop, pour in the rest of the popcorn and add salt (adding the salt at this point ensures that at the end you have complete coverage on popcorn. Additional salt can be added to taste at the end).

    Step 3 - Easy Stovetop Popcorn

    Once the popcorn is popping at one second intervals, take pot of heat and let sit for a minute or two. 
    Step 4 - Easy Stovetop Popcorn
    Serve while hot as is, with butter, or for a truly decadent treat, pour hot caramel sauce over the popcorn. 


      Brought to you by Be Still Farms, where we have discovered that truly healthy foods, prepared as God intended, can taste far better than any processed imitation on which many of us were raised. To shop for these and other ingredients, click here. 

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      April 20, 2017

      Excited to try this! Very cool to make with coconut oil!

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