Be Still Farms Nut Allergy Statement

Updated: 3/28/17

Be Still Farms is USDA organic certified facility which holds us to a higher standard in every regard.

Regarding nut allergies specifically: we do not offer nuts of any kind, or process nuts or nut-related products/derivatives in or around our facility. That being said Be Still Farms is not yet prepared to make a blanket statement for liability reasons, and we hold no certifications or offer no specific assurances legally, regarding this issue.

At the same time, most of our products can be proven to be nut-free by statements from upstream suppliers- an exercise we have completed on a variety of products already.

If you have interest in specific products, feel free to email us and we can track down written statements on any of our products from upstream suppliers- simply email us from the Contact page or "Need Help?" tab on the left.

More importantly, please proceed with extra care as you try ours (or anyone's) products if you or someone you love has nut allergies, especially if they are life-threatening. Since we can't offer legally or otherwise guaranteed assurances, we would rather not have the privilege of having you as a customer, than for you to face any real health consequence.

We are very glad to interact with you on this, and hope if you do try our products, that you will love them!

Blessings form all of us @ Be Still Farms
The Carolinas