Be Still Farms

Organic Raw Buckwheat Groats, Bulk Raw Buckwheat Groats


These raw Buckwheat Groats are high in fiber, iron, and protein, yet with all this they still have no more calories than your average grain, which isn’t much to begin with. This makes them a great addition to many foods to boost the nutritional value of the dish without having the calories go up as well. A common pairing with Buckwheat is Quinoa, which you can also find through Be Still Farms, but you don’t need to pair with anything for these Buckwheat Groats to taste great! So don’t wait, try these buckwheat groats today and add nutrition to your meals for your family!

  • These Buckwheat Groats are RAW, NOT toasted. If you were looking for toasted, see our Buckwheat Kasha
  • High in fiber, protein, and iron, among other nutrients, which makes it no surprise that they are USDA Organic!
  • Eat with other grains to provide an even better taste (many people recommend quinoa).
  • Can lower blood cholesterol levels while also making you feel full longer, aiding in lowering calorie intake.
  • Your purchases support Be Still Farms- an independent, family owned organic homestead/business in North Carolina